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New udder wipes offer premium hygiene performance alongside enhanced comfort

New udder wipes offer premium hygiene performance alongside enhanced comfort

A new range of single-use antibacterial udder wipes, providing safe and effective cleaning and disinfection prior to milking, has been introduced by Coventry-based specialist cleaning product manufacturer EcoTech (Europe) Ltd.

Drawing on EcoTech’s extensive experience in high-performing products for a broad spectrum of cleaning tasks, each Dirty Cow udder wipe is made from a fabric comprising PET and viscose, which delivers maximum durability.

It is also a softer fabric, addressing concerns among some farmers about the harsh sensation created by some products on the market.

Dirty Cow leaves no residue on the udder and teats, through its specially formulated chemical combination which complies with all relevant industry standards.

It offers rapid and effective cleaning and disinfection performance against a broad range of organisms, bringing peace of mind for both farmers and the dairy brands they supply.

Ashleigh Brownhill, commercial director at EcoTech (Europe) Ltd, explained: “Wiping the udder to ensure it is clean and free from bacteria is not just good practice from a hygiene point of view; it has been shown to stimulate milk flow and therefore cut the time taken to milk each cow.

“Our research has shown there is clear demand for a softer, residue-free product which does not compromise on cleaning and disinfection performance and that is exactly what farmers can now access through the Dirty Cow range.”

Dirty Cow wipes measure 20cm x 20cm and come in a convenient bucket, containing 1,000 wipes, which dispenses a single product at a time, keeping the remainder fresh and clean until they are needed.

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